Talma in the Lima Airport News bulletin

Interview of Rodrigo Martins , Ramp services manager of Talma, in the Lima Airport News bulletin. The interview explores news about Talma.

You can read the full interview here.

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Talma ready to begin operations in Pisco

Due to the growth of agricultural exports in the south, Pisco Airport begins to attract logistics companies . Among them, Talma , which defines the beginning of its operation based air cargo demand.

The manager of the Business Unit Charge , César Basulto said that the plan would materialize in late 2016 or in 2017 after the equipment of the facilities . The cargo transported would be mainly asparagus , blueberries and mangos.

" But we are not alone , there are also other interested operators . There are four or five freighters that could  made the transport ," he said .

He added that Talma plans to develop the same business at airports in Trujillo and Chiclayo. On the latter, it had already announced that the operation will be implemented in Copa Airlines.

On the other hand , he said that they will invest for the renewal of their load control equipment (X -rays).

Source: Gestión

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The new challenges of the north in air logistics

Arturo Cassinelli , CEO of Talma wrote an article in the journal International Business COMEX, in its issue No. 226 . He explores the new challenges in air logistics .

You can read the full article in spanish here.

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11 companies unite to promote citizenship at the Jorge Chavez International Airport

Talma joins the initiative of Lima Airport Partners (LAP) which aims to promote citizenship within the airport environmental, road issues, passenger flow and use of infrastructure. It is the first initiative that aims to promote "Citizenship" in the airportsin the region.

Read the full article in spanish here.

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Talma will provide services to British Airways

Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios S.A. will be responsible for providing comprehensive service ramp, passenger and cargo airline British Airways, which include service check-in, boarding gate , loading and unloading of aircraft, among others, since today.

Talma also will serve the flights of British Airways , the same that will have a frequency of three flights per week connecting the route London - Lima.

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Talma implement a special operation to ship 24 lions to South Africa

Talma managed a large operation where 24 lions were rescued from various Peruvian circuses by the NGO Animal Defenders International (ADI) were loaded onto a cargo plane to Johannesburg, South Africa, and from there Big Cat Sanctuary Emoya will be his permanent residence.

The rescue of these animals was made possible thanks to a joint effort between ADI and the Peruvian State in compliance with the law prohibiting the use and display of wild animals in circuses. Since requested his services for the shipment of the 24 lions, Talma began preparing for all staff and logistics system for such a delicate task named "Operation: Journey of the Lion King."

Although Talma has experience in the loading and unloading both domestic and wild animals, in its 24 years of operations Talma had never received 24 lions together, which meant a special challenge for its collaborators.

For this operation, the cages where the lions were transported were placed on special platforms (pallets) so they could be loaded on the plane, without generating greater impact on the animals. Also, to manage the operation, Talma selected a team of skilled workers who had been trained to do their special labours.

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Talma assesses reach new markets through purchases

Special report made by Josimar Cóndor from Diario Gestión where highlights the growht of Talma the past year and coming plans.

Clic here to see the full article in spanish.


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From Below - Special in Somos magazine

Somos magazine did a special on the 50th anniversary of Jorge Chavez International Airport where one of our employees , Elvis Almonte, recounts his experience of 24 years in Talma.

You can see the article in spanish here.



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Talma participated in the MRO Latin America Conference

Talma participated in the first conference of MRO Latin America , organized by Aviation Week Network , which last January was conducted. This event was attended by Arturo Cassinelli , CEO of Talma, one of the exhibitors.

The news coverage was conducted by the magazine RAP -01 , edition No. 48.


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Talma in RAP -01 Magazine N ° 48

The RAP -01 magazine in its issue No. 48 published an article on Talma Airport Services , its history, services and details on its information infrastructure and security.

You can download the article here.

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Talma start ramp operations at the airport located in Huanuco, Peru

On November 30 Talma began operations in Alferez FAP airport. David Figueroa Fernandini , located 6 km from the city of Huanuco.

The team of collaborators station Huanuco Talma provides services ground support aircraft Star Peru and LC Peru , with one and two daily operations respectively, the airport managed by corpac - CORPAC S.A.

Thus, Talma operates in 18 major airports, airport services providing safety , speed and efficiency that characterizes them.

Also in compliance , Talma began operations in Huanuco after obtaining the respective certification by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation - DGAC on Friday, November 27, 2015.

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Talma invests US $ 5 million in new workshop

For the first quarter of 2016 , Talma plans to open new facilities of its workshop equipment ramp at Jorge Chavez International Airport , for which invested US $ 5 million, according to Arturo Cassinelli , general manager of the company.

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Talma receives an Entrepreneur Partner certification from ABE

Talma has been incorporated into the Good Employers Association - ABE, sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce -AMCHAM Peru.

The certification obtained by means Talma has been identified as a company committed to respect for his colleagues and good working practices, thus creating an optimal working environment for the development of its personnel, in addition to complying with labor laws reliably. In that sense, Talma has been developing a number of benefit programs for their workers to encourage motivation in the various working groups of the company.

This certification is the result of efforts over 23 years of experience respecting the rights of workers, so general manager Talma, Arturo Cassinelli, was grateful for this ABE certification and reiterated the commitment of the company with the development of good practice in human resource management.

Meanwhile, these good employer practices that develops Talma, result in improved productivity and competitiveness due to the good working environment they generate.

Also, the quality of Entrepreneur Partner obtained by Talma, contributes to the goal of the Good Employers Association that seeks to end the high degree of informality that exists in companies, overseeing their development through the promotion of good labor.

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Interview with Arturo Cassinelli, Talma CEO, in Semana Económica

Karina Montoya interview Arturo Cassinelli, Talma CEO, in Semana Económica.

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Talma implements Hermes - world-class computer system

On June 22 Hermes implemented Talma, world-class system for the management of air cargo in real-time project to date is operative to all its customers.

Technological innovation is one of the pillars on which the quality of service that offers customers Talma, successfully and quickly responding to their needs based. In that sense, the implementation of Hermes is an improvement in service times through automated processes for importers, exporters and messaging and integration with airlines.

This system also integrates platforms using customers Talma: TalmaNet information system that allows the tracking of cargo and offers downloading and printing documents and operational reports; and MATEO, electronics module care operations, which are supported by the Hermes system, making them more efficient and useful to their users, mainly cargo agents, thus achieving that can save time because they do not need to approach the offices of Talma to collect documents to be available online for customer self-service.

Meanwhile, through the implementation of Hermes customers, including bulking agents, they are able to observe the progress percentage of management service that is being provided, the shift of attention on the docks for delivery and cargo reception in stores Talma, can more efficiently manage business hours to receive, among other valuable information for their operations.

Thus, Talma continues to invest in technology, establishing itself as a facilitator of foreign trade and a company committed to innovation and constant.

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Talma brings the first specialized for boarding passengers with reduced mobility equipment to Peru

Talma has acquired the first Ambulift that operate in the Jorge Chavez International Airport. This is a highly specialized team whose main function is to help disabled passengers to board the aircraft.

In that sense, Talma not only is the pioneer in bringing this type of specialized equipment to our country, but also trains its staff so they can operate to the highest safety standards.

On Tuesday May 26, representatives of Talma accompanied the team to meet Mr. Fernando Bolaños Galdos, Viceministro de Poblaciones Vulnerables del Ministerio de la Mujer,, Julissa Solis, Advisor to the Despacho Viceministerial and Monica Honors, Director of Promoción y Desarrollo Social del CONADIS who could verify the facilities granted by this vehicle that is already in operation at the airport.

The motorized unit can move safely and efficiently to people who have some difficulty moving or reduced mobility, to aircraft in remote jacks on the platform, ie that it can be used for those embarkations in aircraft not sleeves are connected to the passenger terminal at Jorge Chavez international airport.

Thus, those passengers to board an aircraft in need do remote location on a stretcher, wheelchair, among others, may do so without problems thanks to this vehicle that move down the ramp from the airport to the aircraft.

Also, by incorporating this unit in its fleet, Talma meets the high quality standards that the company has a policy to operate the ramp services at Jorge Chavez international airport.

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Talma participated as a sponsor of the IATA Aviation Day 2015 - Peru

Talma Airport Services participated as a gold sponsor of the IATA Aviation Day held in Lima on 17 and 18 June .

Talma Airport Services participated as a sponsor of the latest edition of Aviation Day on 17 and 18 June this year. The event, organized by Ia International Air Transport Association - IATA , was himself the first to develop in Latin America in Lima , consolidating the strategic position of Peru in the airport market.

The agenda of the Aviation Day rotation about the market growth sustainably and improve the passenger experience in Peru . In that sense, Talma continues to contribute to development of the sector through its safe, fast and efficient , always seeking to implement new technologies, processes and certifications services.

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Talma makes significant investment to improve the security of air cargo

With an investment of almost $ 1 million, the control system and video surveillance Cargo Terminal Talma, located adjacent to the Jorge Chavez International Airport area, has been completely modernized, which will continue the collaboration that Talma gives the customs authorities, police and Prosecutor who are, among other state institutions responsible for combating illicit drug trafficking, illegal shipments of wildlife and cultural heritage.

This modern digital system implemented by Talma can detect and record the movement of people and cargo throughout the area of ​​the stores. In the case of the load, can track the route that carried into the warehouse.

The new digital platform also enables automatic tracking specific objectives (cargo and people) and to assign a camera to a special purpose. It also allows greater versatility in tracking specific activities, such as monitoring inflows and outflows, the specific areas, areas or special processes, etc.

For the design and construction of the new digital platform, 60 digital smart cameras with video analysis system and 16 full HD monitors were purchased.

Aunque Although now has 380 cameras, and a camera subsystem 18, this digital platform can manage up to 2,000 cameras and 10 subsystems. Talma plans to incorporate this system the set of cameras installed in areas where it provides ramp services within the Airport Jorge Chavez and its administrative offices.

This platform has a sophisticated video storage system , which is outside the control zone and allow you to save up to 60 days of recording more clearly and interface with the system and fire alarms throughout the enterprise. Your storage unit is composed of 11 cabinets of 12 drives each with a capacity of 350 terabytes.

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Talma begin a regional training center with IATA as a partner

Last year , he exceeded Lima to Santiago in the number of air connections , recalled the general manager of Talma , Arturo Cassinelli . That fact, he said, that strengthens the capital as a regional "hub " can also foster complementary to transport activities offered by airlines . An example? The education.

Therefore, Talma Training School, with the support of the Association of International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) , this year launched a training program in activities such as the management of air cargo management security systems for airlines, or the management of aviation security , among other topics.

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Talma Invests $ 11 million in modernizing equipment

Faced with an increasing flow of passengers at Jorge Chavez International Airport , which translates into a greater number of logistics operations , the company Talma Airport Services S.A. It is making an investment of US $ 11 million to renew their equipment for ramp service (transfer of baggage and cargo ) and the acquisition of a system for cargo handling .

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