Talma Training School

Talma Training School is a training centre for the air freight industry that aims to make Peru into a modern international air transport market by providing training for the staff of airlines, air freight terminals, freight forwarders, airports, travel agents and others.

About TTS:

Since 2007 it has trained a more than 12,000 people and has taught more than 100,000 hours of courses. To achieve this goal, TTS offers a differentiated service performed by highly trained instructors who keep up to date with application technologies and regulatory changes in the air freight field.

Furthermore, TTS is the first aeronautical training centre certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association) in Peru.

The teaching methodology includes theory classes, practical workshops with exercises relative to the subjects being taught, and the use of audiovisual aids.

Courses are based on operating manuals applicable to the sector, whose contents are continually updated and expanded in accordance with current regulations.






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IATA courses:

Talma Training School and IATA (International Air Transport Association) have signed a strategic alliance to develop aeronautical industry management courses aimed at the Latin America region, which include:

  • Aviation security management - AVSEC
    Aimed at experienced airport or airline managers, providers of passenger management services and/or cargo operations.
    Goal: To teach the legal framework for international civil aviation security, and best practices for the selection, training and deployment of security personnel.
  • Aircraft turnaround coordination and loading supervision - ATC
    Aimed at ground managers and supervisors, station supervisors, ramp coordinators, cargo coordinators and supervisors.
    Goal: To teach essential technical procedures for aircraft and cargo management in order to optimise the use of ground handling equipment and personnel, thus guaranteeing the creation of a culture of security.
  • Air cargo management
    Aimed at cargo company and airline managers and analysts, regulators and other participants in the sector at the start of their careers.
    Goal: To teach and anticipate changes in the sector and to plan their companies' response in order to obtain immediate results, maintain optimum levels of client service without increasing costs, and to demonstrate the latest trends in commercial strategies and technology.

Regular courses – programmed:

  • Dangerous godos IATA / DGAC
    Aimed at personnel from freight forwarders, airlines, security companies and individuals working with dangerous goods.
    Goal: To enable participants to recognise dangerous goods and to apply the procedures established in international standards to their transport. Furthermore, participants will become familiar with the use of the IATA dangerous goods manuals.
  • Basic cargo IATA / DGAC
    Aimed at personnel from airlines, air cargo terminals, forwarders, cargo agents, flight dispatchers and others.
    Goal: To enable the correct application of the regulations governing air freight. Participants will identify and use IATA air freight manuals, recognise country, city, airport and airline codes, and the importance of correct application and interpretation of the procedures and regulations described in the manuals.

Tailored courses:

As part of its portfolio of integral training services, Talma Training School offers courses tailored to the needs of each client, aimed at helping them to continue growing as companies:

  • Aviation security - AVSEC
  • Crisis management
  • Human factor


Advice and consultancy

Talma Training School provides specialist advice on document reviews, drawing up and signing checklists, shipper's declaration signatures and visits to installations, concerning the shipment of dangerous goods.

Classroom hire

Talma Training School has the best classrooms for its clients' needs: it has rooms from 40 m² to 80 m², equipped with: air conditioning, multimedia projector, whiteboard, WiFi and space for up to 50 people.



Talma Training School – TTS is the first air freight training centre in Peru to be awarded the following certificates by the International Air Transport Association – IATA.

  • IATA Regional Training Partner - RTP:
    We offer a choice of courses and diplomas taught by IATA instructors. Participants enjoy a learning experience similar to that provided by an IATA Training Centre, but closer to home.
  • IATA Authorized Training Center - ATC:
    We offer IATA training programmes and distance learning in aviation, travel and tourism and/or freight, including programmes such as Leadership and Management certified by Harvard and Aviation Management certified by Stanford.
  • IATA Accredited Training School - ATS:
    we offer and develop training courses on dangerous goods, with instructors, programmes and testing approved by IATA.

These certificates have enabled us to expand our portfolio of internationally-recognised courses and implement a latest-generation teaching platform in association with the IATA Training and Development Institute.