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AdP CEO, detalils its US $ 1,600 million investment plan

Evans Avendaño, CEO of Aeropuertos del Perú, specifies his investment plan of US $ 1,600 million by 2024 so that his 12 terminals improve efficiency in the commercial air service.

Read here the full article in spanish, published in G de Gestión in its edition no. 92 (July 2018).

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Flyin High

In its June 2018 edition of Ground Handling International magazine, Rodrigo Martins,VP Cargo & Ground Handling Services, provides information on Talma's growth in the Latin America region.

Download the article in here.

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Talma employees join support for those affected by the fire in Tiwinza - Callao

On April 9, around noon, a major fire was recorded in the Tiwinza human settlement, located in an area near the Jorge Chávez International Airport. The fire affected approximately 25 families (according to news sources around 100 people).

As a symbol of immediate help, the Regional Government of Callao installed a group of tents near the place, offering mattresses and beds because the people who lived there lost their homes and other material goods.

Talma, through its Social Responsibility Progra, carried out an internal campaign in favor of those affected by this incident to promote solidarity aid.

Thanks to the contribution of its employees and officials, it was possible to collect more than a thousand items among groceries, dairy products, beverages, hygiene products, and clothing, among others.

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V Committee on Customs Control and Security in the Supply Chain

Last Thursday, April 18 of this year, Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios S.A. participated in the V Committee on Customs Control and Security in the Supply Chain, in coordination with Customs and the Special Operations Brigade (BOE).
With the aim of strengthening and raising the standards of customs control and security in the supply chain at the Jorge Chávez International Airport, a committee composed of the Customs Control Management of SUNAT and members of the Operations Brigade has been meeting quarterly. Specials, integrated by storage terminals including Talma, airlines, airport operators and other companies related to the sector.
Talma is committed to offering maximum security in its processes, complying with national and international standards that allow it to develop a successful operation. In this sense, participation in the aforementioned Committee is of great importance for the company, since it allows it to work hand in hand with various stakeholders in the sector in favor of security and customs control in the airport sector.

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Attention during the VIII Summit of the Americas

Dear customers:

Serve the present to inform you that on April 13 and 14, our operations will be will develop with total normality.

In this way, we reiterate our commitment to provide services in a uninterrupted in the 20 cities in which we operate.

If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact our Customer Service Team at 513 8900, ext. 41328 - 41329 - 41334 or write to

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Attention during visit of Pope Francisco to Peru

Because of the visit of Pope Francis to Peru, our authorities are taking control measures in order to guarantee the security and proper development of the activities of the Supreme Pontiff.

In this sense, the following service hours have been established for the entry of vehicles with export cargo and the removal of import cargo.

*See attached image

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Pending issues at the Jorge Chávez airport

Operations at the Jorge Chávez International Airport have reached a maximum limit compared to their capacity and potential. It currently serves almost 20 million passengers a year despite its ability to serve approximately 15 million. Likewise, more than 125 thousand tons of our most important agro-export products are served, among which stand out the asparagus, mangoes, blueberries, fresh peas, flowers and avocados, among others, that are sent by air to the main markets of America. , Europe, Oceania and Asia.

The logistics of air cargo transport have a particular complexity that must be taken into account and today is a problem to be solved due to the important growth of operations that has not been accompanied by the expansion of the necessary infrastructure due to lack of space. A possible temporary solution is to decongest air traffic at the Jorge Chávez airport while the extension works that would last five years are being executed. The adjacent lands of the Armed Forces could be well used to expand this attention capacity of the first air terminal in the country. This initiative is really necessary at a time when passenger and cargo traffic has exceeded the capacity of the current air infrastructure, which is generating high congestion and delays in flights.

The problem of the current infrastructure not only limits the entry of new airlines, but also the expansion and development of those that already operate, since it is difficult to program new frequencies and offer promotional rates that encourage greater passenger traffic. This problem generates cost overruns to airlines and service companies, which are currently taking over them. "The problem of the current infrastructure not only limits the entry of new airlines, but also the expansion and development of those that already operate."

The competent authorities should indicate as soon as possible which areas should be transferred temporarily to the airport operator, and define what their uses will be so that they can execute the necessary works that will speed up the passenger traffic. This will in turn prevent further restriction of access to cargo aircraft, whose attention has been limited to slots and limited parking positions.

In the case of Peruvian agroexports, speed in transportation is a critical factor due to the perishability of the cargo and the need to ensure that it arrives at its destination under the quality conditions demanded by the foreign importer and final consumers.

More than 30% of the agro-export products of our country are transported in cargo aircraft. Therefore, the temporary solution implemented at the Jorge Chávez airport should not fail to consider an alternative for the air cargo transported under that modality. But, in addition to solving the problem of the aforementioned airport, it is also necessary to project the air cargo infrastructure that must be done near the centers of agro-industrial export production.

We must take into account the areas of Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad, Ica and Arequipa. In this way, in some years the production of thousands of tons of asparagus, mangoes, blueberries, peas, flowers and avocados, among other agricultural products, would not have to travel more than a thousand kilometers to reach the Jorge Chávez airport to be shipped to its final destination.

This is a topic to be solved in the near future, but whose planning and execution must also begin today.


Source: Gestión

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Accounting closing of the fiscal year 2017

All our suppliers are informed that the deadline for receipt of payment vouchers issued in 2017 will be on Wednesday, December 20 of this year until 06:00 p.m., at our address Jr. Doménico Morelli 110, San Borja (Reference : La Rambla Shopping Center).

As of Tuesday, January 2, we will only receive the vouchers corresponding to fiscal year 2018.

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When luck finds you working

"Business leadership and globalization" was the title of this year's edition of the CEO Leadership Forums event, organized by El Comercio and El Dorado Investments. The tenth second edition of this meeting had as its central theme the challenges that our country, the business sector and, of course, the football industry, will face in 2018. Here are some excerpts from the conversation: We are optimistic for next year. We believe that the numbers are going to be more stable.

We see a 4% growth in export and import. In the case of the former, Peru exports precious metals, agroindustrial products and textiles by air. In the other businesses we are in, which have tourism and aircraft movement as 'drivers', we have seen an interesting year with new airlines. What worries us for 2018 is the saturation of infrastructure. We celebrate and recognize the signing of the addendum to unlock the investment in Jorge Chávez airport, which will end this year with 20 million passengers, but was built for 15 million.

There will be a period of construction and the actors involved will have to work together to make changes without stopping growth. The success of a country in agro-export or foreign trade does not have a single leader. There is the investment of the company that is going to export, the infrastructure conditions and the operators of it.

 I think that the leadership has to be in the government, but the private ones have to support these initiatives. The private sector is waiting to have clear long-term rules to move forward.

More data

The planning for 2018 Talma: The company bet a few years ago for the diversification and geographical expansion of its business. Today, it is dedicated to technological development, which includes the creation of its own software. In addition, the company will obtain ISO 37001 in anti-corruption practices next week.

Source: El Comercio

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Talma arrives in Ecuador to strengthen the Airport Sector

Talma, leading airport services company in Latin America, operates in seven of the most important airports in Ecuador: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Baltra, San Cristóbal and Coca, through ramp services, implementing the highest quality standards .

Last Thursday, November 9, 2017, Talma officially presented its operation in Ecuador in the presence of representatives of the national airport sector. Vladimir Muñoz, General Manager of Talma Ecuador, was in charge of the exhibition. "We are very satisfied with the work in Ecuador. It has achieved a successful integration of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian experience, which has allowed us to achieve improvements in record time. Talma's value proposal is based on safety, speed and efficiency, three fundamental concepts for our operations and we seek to fully comply with them, "he said during the event.

The operations of Talma Ecuador focus on ramp services for the main airlines that work in the national territory. These include the parking and towing of aircraft, auxiliary services, loading and unloading of aircraft, cabin cleaning, among others.

Talma Ecuador started its activity in May of this year. During this period, it has generated approximately 80 new jobs, investing in equipment and incorporating the SAP system, which has allowed the improvement in the level of service, punctuality and reliability in the operation.

The services that Talma offers to the sector are backed by high international standards for quality management such as ISAGO, which accredits excellence in onshore operations processes, and ISO 9001.

Talma Ecuador has a 39% market share, increasing by 5% compared to the beginning of its operations in May. The company is committed to grow and strengthen its service, in order to meet the needs of current and potential customers, and seeks to offer new services such as aircraft maintenance, passenger attention, among others.

Talma is present in three Latin American countries, operating in 20 airports in Peru, 3 cities in Mexico, and now in Ecuador with the commitment to offer the best service and high quality standards.


Source: Digital Management Magazine – Ecuador

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Talma and Adex agree to organize and promote academic and training activities

Talma Airport Services and the Association of Exporters of Peru (ADEX) signed an Interinstitutional Cooperation Framework Agreement, through which they committed to organize and promote academic and training activities jointly.

In an official ceremony held at the offices of ADEX, in San Borja, the agreement was signed by Arturo Cassinelli, General Manager of Talma, and by Alberto Infante Ángeles, General Manager of the exporting guild.

At the end of the subscription ceremony, the General Manager of Talma highlighted the commitment of his airport services company with foreign trade and assured that this agreement will allow to continue working on the professionalization of the Peruvian export industry.

Coincidentally, the General Manager of ADEX also pointed out the importance of the agreement with Talma, because it will allow them to develop specialized courses in foreign trade and develop synergies with Talma Training School, training center of Talma, for the organization of academic activities.

Through this agreement, both institutions also committed to collaborating in the design, delivery, certification or certification of training programs through face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, online or distance learning.

In the same way, they will promote the exchange of specialized literature, the organization of academic visits to Talma's facilities and the programming and execution of internships, pre-professional and professional practices.

Talma and ADEX will also collaborate in a reciprocal way in the days, cycles, seminars or events organized by any of the parties. It should be noted that the initiatives, projects or programs developed within the framework of this agreement will be the object of specific agreements.

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"International operation would border 30% of our revenues next year"

In Mexico, they will double their warehouse capacity. Specified the purchase of an operator in Ecuador and entered seven airports. In Peru, they seek to strengthen cargo business.

- The goal of entering a new market was reached, how did that process occur? 

Last year the contracts for the purchase of Andes Airport Services were signed, and after fulfilling some requirements, the takeover took place on may 5th. We are now officially announcing the Talma brand (Grupo Sandoval) in Ecuador, and we will be in seven airports.

- Why was this company chosen?

Andes Airport belonged to LAN (today Latam) and 80% of its sales came from services to that airline. We saw the opportunity to continue growing in the region by acquiring its operation as a platform to look for new clients, taking into account that LAN is also our client in Peru.


- What are the immediate plans for Ecuador?

The expectation is to carry all the services we provide in Lima. Today we offer the ramp service mainly for passenger planes, and we serve some cargo ships, but we do not have cargo warehouses like in Mexico or Peru.

- Will customers increase?

In this first stage we have managed to maintain customers (Latam and Avianca), and we have added two additional ones, mainly for passengers: Copa Airlines and its low cost Wingo. The plan is to add more airlines also cargo.

In México

In relation to Mexico, how is the process to grow 50% in stores?

We are going to exceed what was planned. We will double our warehouse capacity and we are in full construction, because we were at the top in installed capacity. In parallel, the country is making a new airport, which will increase demand, but in the future.

And in investments?

Investments in the expansion of warehouses will now exceed US $ 2 million in Mexico, a project that will be ready by the end of the first quarter of 2018 (it was slightly delayed due to some permits). Next year we are exploring in Mexico to take other businesses such as passenger service, ramp services, etc. Today we mainly operate cargo in this country.

- Is there growth potential?

We are growing more than expected, and a good part of that is because we are the second cargo operation in Mexico City. And in Ecuador, we have gone from 35% to 40% market share this year. In this country, the Capex will be tied to the increase of customers.

- What goals do you pursue with your international presence?

Talma's international operation is 27% of the total business and by 2018 it could represent close to a third. We expect to grow almost 20% this year in billing and consolidate as a multilatin company.

Local Market

- And in Peru, how is your expansion going?

After Huanuco and Jaen, we managed to enter Jauja, which puts us in 20 airports. The expansion of Talma to new cities will continue in line with the growth of its customers.

- What businesses are going to strengthen in the country?

We would like to do operations for export cargo, with warehouses and cold storage, in one or more airports near production areas such as Pisco, Chiclayo or Trujillo, which can handle shipments of perishables such as asparagus, mango, blueberries and avocado.

- Will it be for 2018?

It is our great objective. But you have to coordinate with airlines, DGAC and Customs. The challenge is to have an international cargo operation outside Lima that can demand US $ 2 million between ramp equipment, cold chamber and working capital. The asparagus of Jayanca take 18 hours to reach Callao, and it would be better if they leave Chiclayo or Trujillo.


Colombia and Chile attract Talma

In it's expansion plan, Talma has been evaluating neighboring countries such as Ecuador, but has also shown interest in some projects in Chile and Colombia, said its manager, Arturo Cassinelli.

In Chile, Talma bought bases for the Iquique airport, but did not submit a proposal because there were conditions that did not match what they were looking for. In Colombia, for their part, they find the Bogota airport movement interesting, because it is one of those that handles more cargo in Latin America, but at the moment there is nothing planned, said Cassinelli. Regarding the airport services tariffs, the executive estimated that they will remain stable at the region level.

In Latin America, the airport services business invoices US $ 2,000 million and in Peru, the air cargo market will grow 4% this year. Talma's expansion will not be limited only to neighboring countries, but to the region as a whole, as part of its expansion strategy, the company said.


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These are the services of Talma will operate in Ecuador

The Peruvian firm Talma, belonging to the Sandoval group, acquired in may the operation of Rampas Andes Airport Services in Ecuador and after completing the transfer officially launched its brand. The company currently operates in seven airports and prepares new services.

Talma, dedicated to services in the airport sector, wants to continue growing in Ecuador and after acquiring 100% of the Ecuadorian company Andes Airport Services will seek to increase its participation in the sector.

Vladimir Muñoz, CEO of Talma in Ecuador, said that the company has already exceeded 30% of the national ramp services market share, which it had after the purchase of the Ecuadorian firm. Now the goal will be to grow around 5% this year, hoping for a better 2018 in Ecuadorian foreign trade, he told Gestión at the Quito airport.

For more than 15 years, Andes Airport Services has been located in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Baltra, San Cristóbal and Coca, and now Talma will be in charge of expanding services.

“We have the ramp service, which includes, among other points, the work of an operator or marshaller that guides the passenger and cargo ships that arrive at the airports, the transfer of luggage, the unloading or securing of merchandise in cargo ships, and cleaning in passenger planes. And we would like to incorporate maintenance of ships, attention of passengers in the check in, among other services, "said Muñoz.  

Read the full story in spanish here

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We export experience

From the prestige gained in the Peruvian market, a group of logistics operators was encouraged to go out and conquer places abroad.

Today these companies operate in several countries and are relevant players in the difficult market of logistics services.

Arturo Cassinelli, CEO of Talma and Emilio Fantozzi, CEO of Ransa Comercial, agree that the incursion of the operations of their companies in other countries was based on the reputation they obtained in the Peruvian market.


"Our value proposition is usually so powerful that some customers tell us: why do not you come here? They call us because they know we give good service and we grow hand in hand," says Cassinelli.

Read the full story in spanish here.

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Talma receives recognition from the Quality Management Committee for recertification of Trinorm

In the framework of the Quality Week, organized by the Industrial Development Center of the National Society of Industries, Talma was recognized by the Quality Management Committee, having recertified the trinorm (ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007). The recertification was carried out in July of this year.

With more than 25 years in the market, Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios S.A. It has a powerful and effective Integrated Management System (SIG) that helps ensure compliance with the legislation and regulation of the sector. It also allows the fair and ethical management of human capital, and the care and prevention of occupational safety and health; minimizes environmental pollution; and, it establishes the framework to carry out a continuous review and measurement of compliance with the requirements and expectations of the company's stakeholders.

The scope of the GIS has been defined according to the context and needs of the organization, the requirements of the stakeholders and the market in general. It should be noted that in the aeronautical sector there are also rigorous international standards that require strict compliance, with high levels of performance.

In 2002 Talma certified its Quality Management System with the ISO 9001 standard, validating the good practices that were being carried out, the continuous improvement actions and the development of external auditing processes. The guidelines of the ISO standard allowed Talma to standardize its standards with those of its clients, as well as improve its productivity. In this way, the company strengthened the management of the organization through a process approach that facilitated the alignment of operational activity with the standards and regulations of the airport sector.

In 2004, Talma certified its Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and its Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001), which brought considerable improvements in environmental impact control processes, as well as SSO controls, with the consequent decrease in work accidents.

Through these certifications, Talma integrated its processes, thus aligning document management and knowledge management in each one of them; and, establishing the necessary standards and controls to comply with the client's requirements, legislation and current regulations.

Currently, Talma has implemented its Anti-Bribery Management System (ISO 37001), waiting to achieve certification.

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Ceremony commemorating the 107th anniversary of the crossing of the Alps by Jorge Chávez and National Aviation Day

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) through the Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), were in charge of organizing the ceremony in commemoration of National Aviation Day and the 107th anniversary of the feat of the crossing of the Alpes by the Peruvian aviator Jorge Chávez Dartnell, an event that took place in the square that bears his name in the district of Jesús María. This activity was chaired by Dr. Juan Carlos Pavic, General Director of Civil Aeronautics and had the participation of civil and military authorities, representatives of commercial airlines, national aeronautics who placed their floral offerings before the monument of our great aviator.

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Talma starts operations in seven airports in Ecuador

As part of its expansion strategy in the region, Talma, a Peruvian company of the Sandoval Group, acquired 100% of the company Rampas Andes Airport Services of Ecuador.

Actually, this company operates in seven airports in the neighboring country and has approximately 30% share of the Ecuadorian market of ramp services, for more than 15 years.

With this acquisition, Talma extends its presence to three Latin American countries: Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

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We started ISO 37001certification process

At Talma we have started the certification process under the guidelines and requirements of the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System.

This certification involves the identification of internal and external bribery risks in our processes, with the objective of establishing policies, controls, indicators, as well as continuous monitoring and evaluation to prevent, control and react appropriately to situations of bribery The scope for other acts of corruption.

This certification will be part of the Integrated Management System, which will strengthen Talma's culture and capacity in the fight against corruption, as well as strengthen the ethics and good performance of our business and employees.

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Bring the prestige of Peru to the airport

Andes Airport Services is still called the same, but it is no longer the same Andes Airport Services. In the future, it will be called Talma Ecuador, because the airport services company based in Peru has acquired 100% of Ecuador and has operated since May in seven national airports.
The name change will come later, but the news has not waited. The new general manager of Talma in Ecuador is Vladimir Muños, 40 years old. The former Business Development Manager at Talma Perú moved to Quito with his 18 years of experience in logistics and supply chain, cargo and ramp, air and land transport services, directing projects and business units in Peru and Foreign.
Now big challenges await him in Ecuador to "grow the company through new clients and new businesses". That is the goal of Talma to enter Ecuador, with the acquisition of Andes Airport Services, in an operation whose amount can not be revealed by a confidentiality agreement. The expansion and diversification of businesses now have 30% market share in ramp services nationwide, operating in Quito, Guayaquil, Conta, Manta, Baltra, San Cristóbal and Coca.
"We believe that Ecuador is a market with a lot of potential for growth and Tama has the capacity to meet the needs of the target audiences," says Muñoz. To do this, they currently have 600 employees, of the 5,100 that collaborate in the company between Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. And with an investment of approximately one million dollars a year.
The idea is not to remain alone in the acquired, but to continue the expansion and bring to Ecuador the prestige that has been gaining Talma in the region during the 25 years. "To assume the General Management of Talma in Ecuador is a very important challenge in my career and we have happily started well. Our commitment is not only to maintain the excellent level of service, but to improve it and with that to make the operation grow in Ecuador. "

Expreso - Ecuador

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The corporate goal is to grow 5% per year

Interview with Vladimir Muñoz, new general manager of Andes Airport Services (appointed by Talma after acquiring the company), tells about the new operation and its impact on the group.

How did the purchase of the Ecuadorian Andes Airport Services and how much did it cost?
The goal [of Talma] is to expand in Peru with new businesses and in the region, with the current businesses. The opportunity in Ecuador is presented through a tender launched by the LATAM group, whose subsidiary was Andes. It provided services to other companies, but was concentrated in Latam. By a confidentiality agreement between the two parties, I can not disclose [the cost].
How much will Andes contribute to the growth of Talma?
The corporate goal we have at Talma is to increase sales volume by 5% a year. With this operation we are succeeding.
How much will they invest for it?
From US $ million to US $ 2 million per year.
What is the position of Andes in Ecuador?
In Ecuador there are four ramp operators. Two self-service, Tame [Ecuadorian local airline] and Avianca, and two private, Swissport / Emsa and now Taima. Like Andes, we operate at seven airports - the most important being Quito and Guayaquil - and we have approximately 30% market share [in ramp services in Ecuador].
How did you find Andes at the end of 2016?
Andes revenues are in the range of US $ 12 million to US $ 14 million a year, which is the size of the company.
What new services will be implemented in the Andes?
Aircraft dispatch and passenger handling [counter service]. Regarding the cargo business, it is not planned to implement it yet in Ecuador, at least in the short term. Ecuador is not one of the fastest growing economies.
What is your strategy to grow in the region?
It is true that in recent years [Ecuador] has decreased, but we believe that it is a good time to bet on that economy. It is geographically well located, and therefore [we see] the potential for growth.

Semana Económica

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The Peruvian group Talma opens space in the aeronautical sector

Talma Ecuador. That will be the social reason with which, in the future, the company Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios S.A will operate in the country, which yesterday announced its entry into the country with the purchase of the company Andes Airport Services.
With this acquisition, Talma assures its presence in three Latin American countries, operating in: 20 airports in Peru, in 3 cities in Mexico, and now in 7 in Ecuador.
Without giving figures on how much was invested in the acquisition of Andes Airport Services, Vladimir Muñoz, who was appointed general manager of Talma in Ecuador, explained that the commitment "is not only to maintain the excellent level of service, but to improve it and thereby The operation grows "in this country. Initially it will operate like Andes Airport Services, but in future it will change of mark to Talma Ecuador.
For more than 15 years Andes has been operating in 7 airports in the country: Quito, Guayaquil, San Cristóbal, Manta, Cuenca, Baltra and Coca. It has about 30% market share of ramp services nationwide.

Expreso - Ecuador

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Talma extends its operation to Ecuador

Talma, the company of the Sandoval Group, which has specialized in providing airport services, has just completed its entry into Ecuador, the third country where it will operate after Mexico and Peru, after the purchase of Andes Airport Services.

This is highlighted exclusively for Day1 the general manager of Talma, Arturo Cassinelli. "We are closing the acquisition of 100% of ¬ Andes, a firm dedicated to providing ¬ ramp services for airlines at seven Ecuadorian airports," explains the executive.

It adds that these air terminals are located in the cities of Quito, Guayaquil, San Cristobal, the Galápagos Islands, Cuenca, Manta and Coca. With this reach, Andes captures 30% of the market ¬ ramp service in the northern neighbor, which ¬ will pass in favor of Talma.

The purchase, according to Cassinelli, gives another dimension to the Peruvian company, since it makes it an important player on a regional scale, since - as it was said at the beginning of this note - from now on its presence in the Peru, Mexico and Ecuador will enable them to carry out a more aggressive and sustained commercial strategy in order to be able to serve their network customers.


¿Why Ecuador? ­

First, because we find an opportunity to ¬ buy, and secondly, because it is a country neighboring ours and this gives us the opportunity to make some synergies between our operations, summarizes the head of Talma. With this incorporation, it is worth mentioning, the company adds more than five thousand workers: the 600 that work in Ecuador adhere to the 350 of Mexico and the 4,200 of Peru.

The projection that ¬ sketch in Talma is that for 2018 the operation in ¬ Ecuador will increase the ¬ turnover of the firm by 13% at the regional level. In the medium term, thinking about the ¬ next five-year period, our ¬ company will become a multilatina, so ¬ our revenues from abroad will become increasingly important, ¬ points Cassinelli.

In this line, the executive commented that ¬ are also negotiating ¬ incorporate firms from two other countries in the region. "We are now pursuing two ¬ processes now and we hope to be able to finalize them by the end of this year or early next.

Advance in Mexico

The expectations they have in Talma gain strength, after the results of their ¬ incursion in Mexico, the first country they went to, after consolidating in Peru.

According to the company, the operation in the Aztec market grew in such a way that its share of ¬ participation went from 7% to 13% of the cake, that is, an advance of 85% between 2015 and 2016. It Has convinced the firm to invest US $ 2 million to expand the capacity of its warehouses by 50%, which is expected to resume a double-digit growth in its market share for 2018.

This year the share of ¬ Talma will only grow between 6% and the operation in the Aztec country grew in such a way that its market share went from 7% to 13% of the cake between 2015 and 2016.

Sales growth: 2% in 2016

Positive results

Talma's total sales in 2016 grew 2% from its 2015 results, according to Arturo Cassinelli, the company's general manager. Attention to airlines The company provides 65% of the airlines that operate at the Jorge Chávez airport in Lima. Only there has more than 1,000 teams. Investment in technology The company has invested over US $ 2 million in technology for security, cargo and ¬ logistics in favor of its customers. 7%, due to the limited.

Perivian bet

As far as the company's performance in our country is concerned, Arturo Cassinelli states that its ramp service is already reaching the same weight as that of freight - at the level of the 20 airports in which they are operating - while There is a strong bet for its ¬ aircraft maintenance service.

In fact, ¬ recently Talma has obtained the ¬ certification of the American ¬ authority to carry out the maintenance to the ships with plaque of that country, as well ¬ as before has obtained the certifications of the ¬ governments of Chile, Ecuador, ¬ Colombia And Panama, in addition to that of Peru (through the DGAC). The firm works for ¬ airlines such as Copa and Jet Blue.

Is Talma concerned about the problems of infrastructure at the Jorge Chávez (Lima) airports and at Velasco Astete (Cusco)?

Cassinelli explains that the shortcomings of these ¬ terminals will not affect their growth projections in our country in the short term, but that in the medium and long term they do, so they expect to make the necessary improvements. "We believe that, for example, it will speed up construction of the future airport of Chinchero," he says. The firm serves ¬ about 220 aircraft per day in Lima alone.

Carlos Hurtado de Mendoza
Día 1

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"With the low cost, flights should grow 6% this year"

Interview with Arturo Cassinelli, CEO of Talma.

"With the low cost, flights should grow 6% this year."

How did Talma close in 2016?

Talma closed stable in 2016. We grew between 2% and 3% in sales, but there was no growth in ¬ utility. Under load, we see volatility in ¬ import. There are months where we have more kilos than the previous year and others where there are less. But at the close of 2016, that import load fell by 2%.

What were the results in 1Q17?

In air import, there has been a fall of 0.5% (in kg). It is a volatile segment: in January grew 2%, in February fell 9% and in March rose 6%. On the other hand, there are interesting numbers in export. We are growing in the accumulated of 2017 compared to 2016: 10%, 23% and 4% between January and March, respectively.

What growth engines do you see for Talma and the commercial airline sector?

For Talma, mainly the operation of ¬ Mexico. There, last year we grew about 13% in international cargo and 50% in market share [which reached 14%]. In Peru, the ramp business [to ¬ transport air cargo] is where we are seeing more dynamism, in export cargo. Now that the low cost lines are in, we believe flights should grow 6% this year. I can not assure it, but there could be some consolidation [among the airlines].

Have you scheduled investments for this year?

At Pisco airport [where they provide logistics services] not only have to put a cold room, but ramp equipment [to transport air cargo]. All this would mean US $ 1.8 million. ¬ In addition, we have S / .16 million in investments, ¬ much in technology. In December, we implemented the biometric recognition system BioTalma, to avoid misplacements. For example, we have ¬ registered the fingerprints of all customers.

They were optimistic about the operation at the Pisco airport, but it still does not take off. What happened?

Pisco Airport is operating with charter flights. There is an airline that on July 5 starts operating with Cusco-Pisco-Cusco and Bogota-Cusco-Pisco-Cusco-Bogota flights. On the one hand, the airport has just been ready last year. The product that comes from lea is the asparagus, whose campaign is between August to December, and not ¬ we get to spliced ​​with this one. We believe that the Pisco project will work, and we hope that we can get out in this next [August] campaign.

How did El Nińo affect the export burden?

There was a bump in March because the load of [agroindustrial zone] Chavimochic, as well as Chiclayo and Piura, did not arrive. That is seen in the figures: in January we grew 10% and then, in March, 3%. But the biggest challenge was [the handling of a ¬ greater] domestic load [air], by the interruption of the roads. In March we handled 95,000 kg of daily air cargo in Lima; The usual is 25,000 kg. On July 5, an airline with Cusco-Pisco-Cusco flights begins to operate "

The expansion of Jorge Chavez remains in suspense. Are you planning to unlock this year?

We see the enlargement with great expectation. What we have today is a small infrastructure for a lot of operations: we handle ¬ about 240 commercial daily flights Without a second runway, we have to work ¬ [enable] more areas ¬ attend 35 flights per hour to 45. Do not see A real problem of saturation? Not in the short term. In the medium term, it is looking to increase the platform [space] for aircraft. They will stop providing some services on the platform so that [the released space] becomes an aircraft parking lot.


Karina Montoya
Semana Económica

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Talma evaluates company purchases for its expansion in the region

Talma have two ongoing projects, ramp and cargo services, in two countries. Talma will invest US $ 5 million in Peru, and also evaluates proyects such as cold storage and ramp services in the interior of the country.

Read the full article from Diario Gestion in spanish here.


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Warehouses and new businesses in Mexico

After increasing its participation in Mexico by almost 50% in 2016, Talma seeks to maintain its presence, even facing an infrastructure challenge.


Read the full article from Diario Gestion here.

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Talma hopes to enter Chile and Colombia

Arturo Cassinelli, general manager of Talma, details the next steps of its internationalization and reveals the implementation of efficiency plans.


Read the full article from Semana Economia in spanish here.

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Talma evaluates Chiclayo or Piura to install hangar

In its incursion in the maintenance of aircraft, Talma has taken the demand of airlines of the region, mainly. Now it will also be able to attend to American ships, tripling the possibilities of growth of that business.

His Ramp and Passenger business manager, Rodrigo Martins, said the firm is betting on the infrastructure to capture that demand.

Thus, with an investment of US $ 5 million inaugurates today its new base of operations in the international airport Jorge Chavez.

Today Talma can provide on-line maintenance (fast service) up to 500 flights per month. However, the executive acknowledges that clients may require further maintenance.

In order to provide this type of services, it announced the construction of a hangar, an initiative that was under study.

Although the company looked at its execution at Jorge Chavez airport, Martins said that Chiclayo or Pisco terminals would also be good options. "There have already been talks with some airlines to give the service at airports near Lima," he said.

The company is committed to implementing the project next year. The initiative would require an investment of US $ 2 million, Martins said.


Josimar Cóndor Jiménez

Diario Gestión

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Talma in the Lima Airport News bulletin

Interview of Rodrigo Martins , Ramp services manager of Talma, in the Lima Airport News bulletin. The interview explores news about Talma.

You can read the full interview here.

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Talma ready to begin operations in Pisco

Due to the growth of agricultural exports in the south, Pisco Airport begins to attract logistics companies . Among them, Talma , which defines the beginning of its operation based air cargo demand.

The manager of the Business Unit Charge , César Basulto said that the plan would materialize in late 2016 or in 2017 after the equipment of the facilities . The cargo transported would be mainly asparagus , blueberries and mangos.

" But we are not alone , there are also other interested operators . There are four or five freighters that could  made the transport ," he said .

He added that Talma plans to develop the same business at airports in Trujillo and Chiclayo. On the latter, it had already announced that the operation will be implemented in Copa Airlines.

On the other hand , he said that they will invest for the renewal of their load control equipment (X -rays).

Source: Gestión

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The new challenges of the north in air logistics

Arturo Cassinelli , CEO of Talma wrote an article in the journal International Business COMEX, in its issue No. 226 . He explores the new challenges in air logistics .

You can read the full article in spanish here.

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11 companies unite to promote citizenship at the Jorge Chavez International Airport

Talma joins the initiative of Lima Airport Partners (LAP) which aims to promote citizenship within the airport environmental, road issues, passenger flow and use of infrastructure. It is the first initiative that aims to promote "Citizenship" in the airportsin the region.

Read the full article in spanish here.

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Talma will provide services to British Airways

Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios S.A. will be responsible for providing comprehensive service ramp, passenger and cargo airline British Airways, which include service check-in, boarding gate , loading and unloading of aircraft, among others, since today.

Talma also will serve the flights of British Airways , the same that will have a frequency of three flights per week connecting the route London - Lima.

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Talma implement a special operation to ship 24 lions to South Africa

Talma managed a large operation where 24 lions were rescued from various Peruvian circuses by the NGO Animal Defenders International (ADI) were loaded onto a cargo plane to Johannesburg, South Africa, and from there Big Cat Sanctuary Emoya will be his permanent residence.

The rescue of these animals was made possible thanks to a joint effort between ADI and the Peruvian State in compliance with the law prohibiting the use and display of wild animals in circuses. Since requested his services for the shipment of the 24 lions, Talma began preparing for all staff and logistics system for such a delicate task named "Operation: Journey of the Lion King."

Although Talma has experience in the loading and unloading both domestic and wild animals, in its 24 years of operations Talma had never received 24 lions together, which meant a special challenge for its collaborators.

For this operation, the cages where the lions were transported were placed on special platforms (pallets) so they could be loaded on the plane, without generating greater impact on the animals. Also, to manage the operation, Talma selected a team of skilled workers who had been trained to do their special labours.

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Talma assesses reach new markets through purchases

Special report made by Josimar Cóndor from Diario Gestión where highlights the growht of Talma the past year and coming plans.

Clic here to see the full article in spanish.


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From Below - Special in Somos magazine

Somos magazine did a special on the 50th anniversary of Jorge Chavez International Airport where one of our employees , Elvis Almonte, recounts his experience of 24 years in Talma.

You can see the article in spanish here.



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Talma participated in the MRO Latin America Conference

Talma participated in the first conference of MRO Latin America , organized by Aviation Week Network , which last January was conducted. This event was attended by Arturo Cassinelli , CEO of Talma, one of the exhibitors.

The news coverage was conducted by the magazine RAP -01 , edition No. 48.


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Talma in RAP -01 Magazine N ° 48

The RAP -01 magazine in its issue No. 48 published an article on Talma Airport Services , its history, services and details on its information infrastructure and security.

You can download the article here.

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Talma start ramp operations at the airport located in Huanuco, Peru

On November 30 Talma began operations in Alferez FAP airport. David Figueroa Fernandini , located 6 km from the city of Huanuco.

The team of collaborators station Huanuco Talma provides services ground support aircraft Star Peru and LC Peru , with one and two daily operations respectively, the airport managed by corpac - CORPAC S.A.

Thus, Talma operates in 18 major airports, airport services providing safety , speed and efficiency that characterizes them.

Also in compliance , Talma began operations in Huanuco after obtaining the respective certification by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation - DGAC on Friday, November 27, 2015.

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Talma invests US $ 5 million in new workshop

For the first quarter of 2016 , Talma plans to open new facilities of its workshop equipment ramp at Jorge Chavez International Airport , for which invested US $ 5 million, according to Arturo Cassinelli , general manager of the company.

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Talma receives an Entrepreneur Partner certification from ABE

Talma has been incorporated into the Good Employers Association - ABE, sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce -AMCHAM Peru.

The certification obtained by means Talma has been identified as a company committed to respect for his colleagues and good working practices, thus creating an optimal working environment for the development of its personnel, in addition to complying with labor laws reliably. In that sense, Talma has been developing a number of benefit programs for their workers to encourage motivation in the various working groups of the company.

This certification is the result of efforts over 23 years of experience respecting the rights of workers, so general manager Talma, Arturo Cassinelli, was grateful for this ABE certification and reiterated the commitment of the company with the development of good practice in human resource management.

Meanwhile, these good employer practices that develops Talma, result in improved productivity and competitiveness due to the good working environment they generate.

Also, the quality of Entrepreneur Partner obtained by Talma, contributes to the goal of the Good Employers Association that seeks to end the high degree of informality that exists in companies, overseeing their development through the promotion of good labor.

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Interview with Arturo Cassinelli, Talma CEO, in Semana Económica

Karina Montoya interview Arturo Cassinelli, Talma CEO, in Semana Económica.

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Talma implements Hermes - world-class computer system

On June 22 Hermes implemented Talma, world-class system for the management of air cargo in real-time project to date is operative to all its customers.

Technological innovation is one of the pillars on which the quality of service that offers customers Talma, successfully and quickly responding to their needs based. In that sense, the implementation of Hermes is an improvement in service times through automated processes for importers, exporters and messaging and integration with airlines.

This system also integrates platforms using customers Talma: TalmaNet information system that allows the tracking of cargo and offers downloading and printing documents and operational reports; and MATEO, electronics module care operations, which are supported by the Hermes system, making them more efficient and useful to their users, mainly cargo agents, thus achieving that can save time because they do not need to approach the offices of Talma to collect documents to be available online for customer self-service.

Meanwhile, through the implementation of Hermes customers, including bulking agents, they are able to observe the progress percentage of management service that is being provided, the shift of attention on the docks for delivery and cargo reception in stores Talma, can more efficiently manage business hours to receive, among other valuable information for their operations.

Thus, Talma continues to invest in technology, establishing itself as a facilitator of foreign trade and a company committed to innovation and constant.

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Talma brings the first specialized for boarding passengers with reduced mobility equipment to Peru

Talma has acquired the first Ambulift that operate in the Jorge Chavez International Airport. This is a highly specialized team whose main function is to help disabled passengers to board the aircraft.

In that sense, Talma not only is the pioneer in bringing this type of specialized equipment to our country, but also trains its staff so they can operate to the highest safety standards.

On Tuesday May 26, representatives of Talma accompanied the team to meet Mr. Fernando Bolaños Galdos, Viceministro de Poblaciones Vulnerables del Ministerio de la Mujer,, Julissa Solis, Advisor to the Despacho Viceministerial and Monica Honors, Director of Promoción y Desarrollo Social del CONADIS who could verify the facilities granted by this vehicle that is already in operation at the airport.

The motorized unit can move safely and efficiently to people who have some difficulty moving or reduced mobility, to aircraft in remote jacks on the platform, ie that it can be used for those embarkations in aircraft not sleeves are connected to the passenger terminal at Jorge Chavez international airport.

Thus, those passengers to board an aircraft in need do remote location on a stretcher, wheelchair, among others, may do so without problems thanks to this vehicle that move down the ramp from the airport to the aircraft.

Also, by incorporating this unit in its fleet, Talma meets the high quality standards that the company has a policy to operate the ramp services at Jorge Chavez international airport.

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Talma participated as a sponsor of the IATA Aviation Day 2015 - Peru

Talma Airport Services participated as a gold sponsor of the IATA Aviation Day held in Lima on 17 and 18 June .

Talma Airport Services participated as a sponsor of the latest edition of Aviation Day on 17 and 18 June this year. The event, organized by Ia International Air Transport Association - IATA , was himself the first to develop in Latin America in Lima , consolidating the strategic position of Peru in the airport market.

The agenda of the Aviation Day rotation about the market growth sustainably and improve the passenger experience in Peru . In that sense, Talma continues to contribute to development of the sector through its safe, fast and efficient , always seeking to implement new technologies, processes and certifications services.

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Talma makes significant investment to improve the security of air cargo

With an investment of almost $ 1 million, the control system and video surveillance Cargo Terminal Talma, located adjacent to the Jorge Chavez International Airport area, has been completely modernized, which will continue the collaboration that Talma gives the customs authorities, police and Prosecutor who are, among other state institutions responsible for combating illicit drug trafficking, illegal shipments of wildlife and cultural heritage.

This modern digital system implemented by Talma can detect and record the movement of people and cargo throughout the area of ​​the stores. In the case of the load, can track the route that carried into the warehouse.

The new digital platform also enables automatic tracking specific objectives (cargo and people) and to assign a camera to a special purpose. It also allows greater versatility in tracking specific activities, such as monitoring inflows and outflows, the specific areas, areas or special processes, etc.

For the design and construction of the new digital platform, 60 digital smart cameras with video analysis system and 16 full HD monitors were purchased.

Aunque Although now has 380 cameras, and a camera subsystem 18, this digital platform can manage up to 2,000 cameras and 10 subsystems. Talma plans to incorporate this system the set of cameras installed in areas where it provides ramp services within the Airport Jorge Chavez and its administrative offices.

This platform has a sophisticated video storage system , which is outside the control zone and allow you to save up to 60 days of recording more clearly and interface with the system and fire alarms throughout the enterprise. Your storage unit is composed of 11 cabinets of 12 drives each with a capacity of 350 terabytes.

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Talma begin a regional training center with IATA as a partner

Last year , he exceeded Lima to Santiago in the number of air connections , recalled the general manager of Talma , Arturo Cassinelli . That fact, he said, that strengthens the capital as a regional "hub " can also foster complementary to transport activities offered by airlines . An example? The education.

Therefore, Talma Training School, with the support of the Association of International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) , this year launched a training program in activities such as the management of air cargo management security systems for airlines, or the management of aviation security , among other topics.

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Talma Invests $ 11 million in modernizing equipment

Faced with an increasing flow of passengers at Jorge Chavez International Airport , which translates into a greater number of logistics operations , the company Talma Airport Services S.A. It is making an investment of US $ 11 million to renew their equipment for ramp service (transfer of baggage and cargo ) and the acquisition of a system for cargo handling .

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