Talma makes significant investment to improve the security of air cargo


With an investment of almost $ 1 million, the control system and video surveillance Cargo Terminal Talma, located adjacent to the Jorge Chavez International Airport area, has been completely modernized, which will continue the collaboration that Talma gives the customs authorities, police and Prosecutor who are, among other state institutions responsible for combating illicit drug trafficking, illegal shipments of wildlife and cultural heritage.

This modern digital system implemented by Talma can detect and record the movement of people and cargo throughout the area of ​​the stores. In the case of the load, can track the route that carried into the warehouse.

The new digital platform also enables automatic tracking specific objectives (cargo and people) and to assign a camera to a special purpose. It also allows greater versatility in tracking specific activities, such as monitoring inflows and outflows, the specific areas, areas or special processes, etc.

For the design and construction of the new digital platform, 60 digital smart cameras with video analysis system and 16 full HD monitors were purchased.

Aunque Although now has 380 cameras, and a camera subsystem 18, this digital platform can manage up to 2,000 cameras and 10 subsystems. Talma plans to incorporate this system the set of cameras installed in areas where it provides ramp services within the Airport Jorge Chavez and its administrative offices.

This platform has a sophisticated video storage system , which is outside the control zone and allow you to save up to 60 days of recording more clearly and interface with the system and fire alarms throughout the enterprise. Your storage unit is composed of 11 cabinets of 12 drives each with a capacity of 350 terabytes.