Social Responsibility

San Miguel School was founded in 1999 to improve the lives and education of children in Tiwinza Marginal Settlement adjacent to Jorge Chavez International Airport – Callao, through the EDU.MAS project, which is a joint effort by the NGO Comunión, Promoción, Desarrollo y Liberación (COPRODELI) and Talma.

EDU.MAS is aimed at children at high risk of social problems. Its purpose is to provide a secure and comfortable environment in which they can learn and develop skills and civic, ethical and moral values. Thus, and in line with its corporate responsibility, Talma is also committed to San Miguel School and to supporting the integral development of the children and young people who study there; its mission is: “Having a positive influence on the education of children today means making a significant improvement to the quality of life of an entire family tomorrow.”

Today, thanks to support from Talma and EDU.MAS, San Miguel School has more than 2,400 m² of classrooms, computer rooms, a library, chemistry and physics laboratories, dining room, kitchen and sports and recreation areas; it implements preventive health and balanced diet programmes, workshops for parents and provides psychological support.

EDU.MAS provides nursery, infants, primary and secondary education for approximately 400 children and its first pupils graduated in 2011. Furthermore, in order to encourage their personal and professional development, the first and second placed graduates were given a full scholarship to the country's best universities.

Education is a challenge in the field of social responsibility to which we are fully committed and the great values created by EDU.MAS and collaboration by Talma will be the professional future of our country and the pride of their families.