Talma ready to begin operations in Pisco


Due to the growth of agricultural exports in the south, Pisco Airport begins to attract logistics companies . Among them, Talma , which defines the beginning of its operation based air cargo demand.

The manager of the Business Unit Charge , César Basulto said that the plan would materialize in late 2016 or in 2017 after the equipment of the facilities . The cargo transported would be mainly asparagus , blueberries and mangos.

" But we are not alone , there are also other interested operators . There are four or five freighters that could  made the transport ," he said .

He added that Talma plans to develop the same business at airports in Trujillo and Chiclayo. On the latter, it had already announced that the operation will be implemented in Copa Airlines.

On the other hand , he said that they will invest for the renewal of their load control equipment (X -rays).

Source: Gestión