The corporate goal is to grow 5% per year


Interview with Vladimir Muñoz, new general manager of Andes Airport Services (appointed by Talma after acquiring the company), tells about the new operation and its impact on the group.

How did the purchase of the Ecuadorian Andes Airport Services and how much did it cost?
The goal of Talma is to expand in Peru with new businesses and in the region, with the current businesses. The opportunity in Ecuador is presented through a tender launched by the LATAM group, whose subsidiary was Andes. It provided services to other companies, but was concentrated in Latam. By a confidentiality agreement between the two parties, I can not disclose the cost.
How much will Andes contribute to the growth of Talma?
The corporate goal we have at Talma is to increase sales volume by 5% a year. With this operation we are succeeding.
How much will they invest for it?
From US $ million to US $ 2 million per year.
What is the position of Andes in Ecuador?
In Ecuador there are four ramp operators. Two self-service, Tame Ecuadorian local airline and Avianca, and two private, Swissport / Emsa and now Taima. Like Andes, we operate at seven airports - the most important being Quito and Guayaquil - and we have approximately 30% market share in ramp services in Ecuador.
How did you find Andes at the end of 2016?
Andes revenues are in the range of US $ 12 million to US $ 14 million a year, which is the size of the company.
What new services will be implemented in the Andes?
Aircraft dispatch and passenger handling counter service. Regarding the cargo business, it is not planned to implement it yet in Ecuador, at least in the short term. Ecuador is not one of the fastest growing economies.
What is your strategy to grow in the region?
It is true that in recent years Ecuador has decreased, but we believe that it is a good time to bet on that economy. It is geographically well located, and therefore we see the potential for growth.

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