Bring the prestige of Peru to the airport


Andes Airport Services is still called the same, but it is no longer the same Andes Airport Services. In the future, it will be called Talma Ecuador, because the airport services company based in Peru has acquired 100% of Ecuador and has operated since May in seven national airports.
The name change will come later, but the news has not waited. The new general manager of Talma in Ecuador is Vladimir Muños, 40 years old. The former Business Development Manager at Talma Perú moved to Quito with his 18 years of experience in logistics and supply chain, cargo and ramp, air and land transport services, directing projects and business units in Peru and Foreign.
Now big challenges await him in Ecuador to "grow the company through new clients and new businesses". That is the goal of Talma to enter Ecuador, with the acquisition of Andes Airport Services, in an operation whose amount can not be revealed by a confidentiality agreement. The expansion and diversification of businesses now have 30% market share in ramp services nationwide, operating in Quito, Guayaquil, Conta, Manta, Baltra, San Cristóbal and Coca.
"We believe that Ecuador is a market with a lot of potential for growth and Tama has the capacity to meet the needs of the target audiences," says Muñoz. To do this, they currently have 600 employees, of the 5,100 that collaborate in the company between Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. And with an investment of approximately one million dollars a year.
The idea is not to remain alone in the acquired, but to continue the expansion and bring to Ecuador the prestige that has been gaining Talma in the region during the 25 years. "To assume the General Management of Talma in Ecuador is a very important challenge in my career and we have happily started well. Our commitment is not only to maintain the excellent level of service, but to improve it and with that to make the operation grow in Ecuador. "

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