These are the services of Talma will operate in Ecuador


The Peruvian firm Talma, belonging to the Sandoval group, acquired in may the operation of Rampas Andes Airport Services in Ecuador and after completing the transfer officially launched its brand. The company currently operates in seven airports and prepares new services.

Talma, dedicated to services in the airport sector, wants to continue growing in Ecuador and after acquiring 100% of the Ecuadorian company Andes Airport Services will seek to increase its participation in the sector.

Vladimir Muñoz, CEO of Talma in Ecuador, said that the company has already exceeded 30% of the national ramp services market share, which it had after the purchase of the Ecuadorian firm. Now the goal will be to grow around 5% this year, hoping for a better 2018 in Ecuadorian foreign trade, he told Gestión at the Quito airport.

For more than 15 years, Andes Airport Services has been located in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Baltra, San Cristóbal and Coca, and now Talma will be in charge of expanding services.

“We have the ramp service, which includes, among other points, the work of an operator or marshaller that guides the passenger and cargo ships that arrive at the airports, the transfer of luggage, the unloading or securing of merchandise in cargo ships, and cleaning in passenger planes. And we would like to incorporate maintenance of ships, attention of passengers in the check in, among other services, "said Muñoz.  

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