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"Business leadership and globalization" was the title of this year's edition of the CEO Leadership Forums event, organized by El Comercio and El Dorado Investments. The tenth second edition of this meeting had as its central theme the challenges that our country, the business sector and, of course, the football industry, will face in 2018. Here are some excerpts from the conversation: We are optimistic for next year. We believe that the numbers are going to be more stable.

We see a 4% growth in export and import. In the case of the former, Peru exports precious metals, agroindustrial products and textiles by air. In the other businesses we are in, which have tourism and aircraft movement as 'drivers', we have seen an interesting year with new airlines. What worries us for 2018 is the saturation of infrastructure. We celebrate and recognize the signing of the addendum to unlock the investment in Jorge Chávez airport, which will end this year with 20 million passengers, but was built for 15 million.

There will be a period of construction and the actors involved will have to work together to make changes without stopping growth. The success of a country in agro-export or foreign trade does not have a single leader. There is the investment of the company that is going to export, the infrastructure conditions and the operators of it.

 I think that the leadership has to be in the government, but the private ones have to support these initiatives. The private sector is waiting to have clear long-term rules to move forward.

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The planning for 2018 Talma: The company bet a few years ago for the diversification and geographical expansion of its business. Today, it is dedicated to technological development, which includes the creation of its own software. In addition, the company will obtain ISO 37001 in anti-corruption practices next week.

Source: El Comercio