On June 20, the Foreign Trade Society of Peru -COMEXPERU, held the Infrastructure and Investment Seminar at the Los Delfines hotel.

The event had as objectives: to publicize the infrastructure gap in Peru and the pending challenges, the foundations of Public-Private Partnerships, as well as the benefits for the development of infrastructure in Peru, the development of infrastructure in general and its impact of connectivity in Peru.

As part of the panel of speakers, our Corporate Affairs Manager, Julián Alberto, participated with the topic Infrastructure for Airport Services in Peru.

Among the points mentioned, are the Development and Evolution of the Infrastructure of Airport Services, where he highlighted the necessary components to provide service to an aircraft - both on the air side and on the ground side - and the economic efficiency that, Today, they involve free competition models.

In turn, he commented on the different regulatory sources necessary for the development of airport infrastructure and services such as the ICAO Standards and Recommended Methods (SARPs), the Peruvian Aeronautical Regulations (RAPs), design efficiencies of airport infrastructure, demand estimates, capacities, flows, indicators and the level of service quality.

Finally, he announced that the key is not only to have an airport with impeccable infrastructure if you do not have how to get there; Therefore, it is considered as a task for today: The construction of the second runway and the design for the new International Airport, where we include the concession contract scheme, the delivery of land and the design and model of the new airport and its access roads .