In Peru, the average plastic use of a person is 30 kg; This material is the most found as a residue in the sea trenches, has a degradation time of 200 to 1,000 years and is ending the life of thousands of ocean species.

Many years ago, plastic was considered a versatile and economical alternative material. However, today it is estimated that around 9 million tons of this end up in the ocean and could remain there for up to 450 years.

National Geographic, carried out the project: Planet or Plastic? This was carried out in our country and sought to generate a change and commitment to the planet. Through sculptures, it was shown who are the true predators of the sea, indicating real data and of great impact on the use of plastic in Peru and how it affects thousands of animals in the sea.

In spite of all these damages, it continues to produce about 500 billion plastic bags in the world and at the minute, 1 million of them are thrown away. Only 1% of plastic bags are recycled and the rest is mixed in nature.

At Talma, we recognize the global crisis that affects the marine ecosystem. Therefore, on June 5, our Management of the Integrated Management System, through an internal awareness campaign for the care of the environment, delivered more than 1,000 ecological bags to our employees in order to contribute with a Better future for the world.