International Aviation Women's Association visited the warehouses of Talma


As part of the program of the 31st Annual Conference of the International Aviation Women's Association (IAWA), held in Lima from October 16 to 18, around 100 participants visited the Talma facilities in the complex Logistic Lima Cargo City, to know the operations that are carried out in an airport services company.


Composed of executives and officials of companies and the aviation industry, the delegation was able to learn about the cargo warehouses, both import and export, in addition to the strict security measures established by Talma Airport Services to prevent illegal traffic of drugs, drug trafficking, explosives and everything that could jeopardize airport activity.


During the tour, participants received information about the processes to expedite the shipment and receipt of merchandise, the services of maintenance and maintenance of aircraft and the transport of cargo and luggage of passengers.


In the framework of the 31st Conference, Jan Klauer Caillaux, Commercial Business Manager Peru of Talma Airport Services, participated in the panel called “Load growth: growth reconciliation and regulatory obstacles” together with the representatives of Atlas Air, DHL and Fedex


In this discussion, the representatives of the aforementioned companies were able to talk about the growth of the load within different regions and markets, the evolution of the same, as well as the challenges for its growth.



About IAWA


IAWA is an international organization founded in 1988, which brings together professional women, whose positions are of impact in the aeronautical and aerospace industry. Among the activities organized by the association are annual world conferences, regional receptions and connections. It also organizes various forums to share views on issues of importance to the industry, as well as for women in general.